Looking to visit Ballsbridge, Dublin for your travels this Spring? Whether it be for business or pleasure, we have the ultimate list of things to do!

1. The Little Museum of Dublin

Voted the #1 museum in all of Ireland, and described as Dublin’s best museum experience by The Irish Times, this is a destination you will surely want to visit when in Dublin. Here you will learn the story about the Irish capital and the history of this remarkable city that has undergone many changes in the past century. The Little Museum of Dublin tours almost always sell out, so please make your arrangements in advance as to not miss his great learning experience!

2. Dublin Literary Pub Crawl 

Quite possibly one of the most unique and entertaining experiences you may have here in Dublin, would be the Literary Pub Crawl, a walking tour of Dublin's historic pubs in the company of two actors who perform scenes from their works: The Pub, the Poet, the Pint! Getting rave reviews, and a top three position of things to do in Dublin by Tripadvisor, this ½ mile, 2 and ¼ long tour is great for “anyone with an open mind and a thinking cap!” All sorts, ages, nationalities and families (not suitable for very young children) are welcome and invited on this safe, and extremely fun tour. Shows run at night making the Spring weather a perfect time to learn about the history of the Irish Pub!

3. National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

Nominated as one of the top ten places to visit when in Dublin, and receiving excellent reviews, this branch of the National Museum of Ireland is home to the country’s archaeology artefacts dating back to 7000 BC, and also to one of the largest and most important gold collections in Europe.

Of the top three exhibits recommended are:

1. The Treasury Exhibition-you will find iconic artefacts such as the Ardagh Chalice, the Tara Brooch and the Derrynaflan Hoard

2. The Ancient Egypt Exhibition-the gilt and painted cartonnage case of the mummy Tentdinebu, stelae, tomb furniture, offering tables, jewellery and household objects are all showcased here

3. The Viking Ireland Exhibition- explores the Viking Age in Ireland through its surviving objects including findings from Viking graves of the 9th and 10th centuries as well as from settlement sites of the 10th to 12th centuries.

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm, and closed on Mondays. Admission is always free.

4. Viking Splash Tours

The Viking Splash Tour, voted the #1 most exciting tour to take when in Dublin. Established in 1999, The Viking Splash Tours has become one of Ireland’s leading tour companies providing humorous and informative Viking driver-guides who will take you over the land and sea. Combining real and authentic World War II amphibious vehicles, known as the DUKWs, The Viking Splash experience is unrivalled in Dublin City, is fun for the whole family, and said to have been a “brilliant way to spend a Spring afternoon!”

5. Game of Thrones Tours

From Dublin city centre you will depart on an adventure that transports you into the scenes of your favourite show. This Game of Thrones tour brings you to the remote and hard to find areas of Dublin you normally would not see, including old growth forests, wild sea cliffs, rocky beaches, caves and medieval ruins. And if that wasn’t enough, they provide you with Stark and Iron Born cloaks, swords, shields and helmets to use for no extra charge. This tour is a full day coach excursion with two 3k treks through some rough terrain. You will see 9 film locations throughout the day, and watch back to back episodes of the show on your way home!

The tour is not open for children under 12, and parental notices are required for anyone under 18. Spring is a perfect time to take this adventure!

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